NASTAD announces closure of Louisiana ADAP unmet need list

From the Office of Public Health

the first NASTAD ADAP Watch, released today, announc(ed) that Louisiana eliminated our ADAP Unmet Need List (or waitlist) on February 28, 2013.  The ADAP Watch is the press release that drug companies closely monitor to know when to close their Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) in states that have eliminated their ADAP waitlist.  If you have any ADAP eligible clients still accessing medications through drug companies PAPs, they should expect to be automatically disenrolled from those programs within 24-48 hours.

Louisiana ADAP has been open to new enrollment since March 2013.  If you have questions regarding ADAP enrollment please refer to the attached email and ADAP guidelines sent on 3/6/13 or contact Louisiana ADAP at 504-568-7474.


For more information about NASTAD, please see their website:


Limerick — Adherence

Take all your medications as prescribed
95 percent adherence you should strive.
Your viral load will go down
And your CD4 will rebound
That’s how we keep stayin’ alive.

Stribild approved by the FDA — ADAPs negotiate special price.

In September, the FDA approved Gilead’s latest 4 in 1 HIV drug. Stribild is one pill that is meant for HIV positive persons who have not been on medications before. The drug was released on the market priced at $28,500 per year — 35% higher than the company’s other drug, Atripla.

According to NASTAD, the ADAP Crisis Task Force (ACTF) negotiated a much lower price with Gilead — lower than that offered to the 340B pricing and Medicaid and Medicare.

More information can be found in the briefing from NASTAD

The price paid by HIV-positive prisoners

Here is an article written by Sir Elton John about HIV positive prisoners in Alabama and Carolina. Here is one excerpt:

In Alabama, prisoners with HIV are made to wear a white armband to distinguish themselves from other inmates, a modern-day scarlet letter. In South Carolina, the 400 or so HIV-positive prisoners, even those convicted of minor offenses, are housed in maximum-security facilities alongside those on death row. Both states segregate HIV-positive prisoners from the rest of the prison population and arbitrarily exclude them from important opportunities to rehabilitate and re-enter society.


Power has been restored at SHP. Citrix & CW should be up and accessible.

If you faxed anything to any number at SHP, including to ADAP, between 3:30pm Tuesday, Sept 4th and 10:00am Wedesday, Sept 5th, it was likely not recieved due to the power outage.  Please re-fax.


From Heather Weaver

Ongoing New Orleans power outage


The New Orleans Central Business District is experiencing a massive power outage requiring the STD/HIV Program, including LA ADAP, to remain closed.

Although we do not have access to client enrollment databases, we do currently have access to voicemail and email remotely and will be checking them regularly.


This power outage also means that access to Citrix and RW Part B CW is unavailable.  We will keep you updated on when power and connectivity return.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to get back to “normal”.

ADAP Update from Heather Weaver

It had been a wild few weeks and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to assist our clients.

As we return to our offices,  LA ADAP will continue the lifted recertification requirements through Friday, Sept 7th.  During this time LA ADAP is approving all LSU Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacies (ADAP pharmacies) to provide LA ADAP services to:

* Active Medical Center LA ADAP clients, which are clients that receive their HIV related medical care through one of the 10 LSU Medical Centers in Louisiana, have been active on LA ADAP since before capped enrollment on 6/1/10 and have previously not received an ADAP card;

* Active LA ADAP clients presenting an LA ADAP card with an expiration date of either 6/30/12 or 12/31/12; and

* Active LA ADAP clients who have not yet received their current card but are on the pharmacies’ “approved” spreadsheet from LA ADAP.

This approval is also extended to evacuated clients that may need to access ADAP services at an LSU pharmacy (locations attached) other than the one they usually access.  In addition, we ask that your work with evacuated clients to help them get prescription either called in from their clinician or transferred from their usual pharmacy.

Clients in the process of moving from the Unmet Need List to LA ADAP who have not yet received their ADAP card and are not yet list on your ADAP approved spreadsheet should be directed to continue accessing their medications through PAPs.

Jennifer Carlos Gomez will be out of the office until Friday, September 7th.  In her absence, please direct all ADAP related communications to me.

As your medical centers, pharmacies, and agencies return from Hurricane Isaac, please keep our office informed of closures and preparedness plans so that we can share this information with our provider and clients.

Know your score!

Here is the file as a downloadable pdf: knowyourscore

Slide show from Provider’s Meeting

Here is that presentation from the meeting on Friday. Feel free to use the charts and graphs for your own awesome powerpoint prezzys.